Is It Smart To Buy A Kratom Starter Pack

Brand new to the Kratom scene and haven’t a clue where to start? We’ve all been there! Chances are that you may be considering a starter pack to see which strain best suits your needs/tastes. If you’re going to buy kratom, this can be a sensible way to begin but there are a few points worth considering. Sure they can be attractively priced, and yes it is a great way to find your feet, but not all starter packs are the same. Here are a few practical tips to always remembering if this is the path you have decided upon.

Choose Your Vendor Carefully

By far and away the first thing anyone must do before making their first purchase is to source a decent vendor. Not many single strain specialists offer starter packs, but all of the larger ‘department store’ kratom vendors do. Just remember that the samples included will be their kratom and not necessarily a fair reflection of an entire strain. Read user reviews from reputable forums as quality does change over time (for better and worse) for pretty much every vendor.

For example, if you buy kratom from an average vendor and find that one strain doesn’t work out, do not rule out the possibility it is just low quality. From personal experience, the first white maeng da strain I tried gave me a headache – it was awful. Under duress from a buddy, I tried his and never looked back since. Moral of the story: don’t necessarily write off a strain right away, quality matters!

How To Buy A Kratom Starter Kit Sensibly

Let’s assume you’ve splashed out $50 on a five-strain starter kit. Have a couple of cups of tea of each – with long gaps between strains – and see which you like best. Great, you’ve settled on one variety you love so then the next step is to check kratom for sale of this strain and live happily ever after. Problem is – what are you going to do with the four quarters of the starter kit left over?

Plenty of people mix strains depending on their mood, but quite often that spare kratom will just vanish into the back of a cupboard to be forgotten about.

This is why a great way to buy a starter pack is as a group. Split the cost four ways and there’s more than enough for everyone to try each strain. With luck, there will be at least one or two people who prefer different strains. Ideally, everyone falls for a different strain leaving barely any left over. No matter what happens, it does also provide a happy and social way to enjoy and explore the wonderful world of kratom!

Starter Packs For Experienced Users?

As mentioned above, plenty of people enjoy mixing their kratom intake between strains. Problem is that it becomes expensive to buy kratom in quantity, and it can turn stale unless very carefully stored. For folks on a tighter budget, the advantage of buying starter packs is that you will receive a fresh product. While by far the best overall value way of purchasing kratom in the long term, it can be a handy option for enthusiasts who find themselves in a financial pinch.