Get your brain clear and focused with White vein Kratom.

The white vein representative of Kratom leaves may not be as high in pain managing alkaloids as the red one, but it has many more to offer, which is one of the reasons it is very popular amongst users you want something more than just getting themselves relaxed. A white vein is most popular for its tonic and energetic effects, and some representatives of this unique strain are:

These strains are highly recommended for those who want to start or continue their day in an energetic and well-concentrated spirit. This strain can offer you many interesting and unexpected effects.

What to expect from it? White vein effects.

White vein strains are mostly known for their energetic effects. They give you a boost of energy, along with stress relief and a great mood. Another great effect is the nootropic effect it can offer you, meaning you will be able to do a more productive work with your mind (studying, office or paperwork, solving tests etc.) and will help your memory to be better for the time the effects last. Along with that white strain “strengthen” your concentration and keep you more focused than usual. This is one of the best ways to start your day energetically, with a good mood and ready for the adventures life can bring you!

Anything to be afraid of? Side effects

White vein side effects can be much like all other Kratom effects and bring:

1) dizziness;

2) headaches;

3) nausea;

4) vomiting;

5) in some cases disorientation.

The difference between this particular strain with its strongest relative “red vein” is that red vein does not really depend on one’s individual brain chemistry, while white vein can do that, resulting into bringing you opposite effects from what you expected which may be stronger or weaker (again that depends on you individually). The good point is that white vein strains do not increase tolerance to Kratom as rapidly as green malay kratom. As it is a stimulating strain, it can have increased heart rate and excessive sweating with redness of the face as a side-effect, so if you have heart issues, don’t even think about it (or any other strain).


The average dose of any white vein strain will be about 1-2gr if you need to achieve a stimulating and nootropic effect. You can take a higher dose in order to achieve a more opiate-like relaxing and stress-relieving effect. The effects from the standard dose last several hours 

Intake methods

The truth is the intake methods of white vein do not differ much from red vein Kratom. You can also take it in capsules, drink it as tea, chew it, make different mixtures or resign out of it, smoke it and many many more, as long as you regulate your dose in order to avoid tolerance and side-effects.